About Us

Who we are

We are a team of practical dreamers with the ambitious goal to create unique apparel and make a difference at the same time.

At Lacand we believe that clothes can be and should be more than great, they should be special. We are working hard to create comfortable goods that looks good but also have a meaningful message. All of our products are inspired by and represent non-profit organizations and their cause.

We also believe that as a brand and community we are responsible for shaping the world. With our campaigns we help the collaborating organizations raise funds and awareness, allowing them to focus on their job, to make a change.

How it works


Finding the right organization

Our aim is to discover outstanding nonprofits with unfulfilled potential. We select those that can benefit the most from collaborating with us and have the greatest impact possible.


Creating a unique design

We have the subject, an extraordinary organization that inspires us. To get the best outcome, a fitting design that looks amazing, we team up with talented artists for the whole creative process.


Producing the goods

We work closely with local suppliers, their expertise and the ease of communication let us refine the final product.


Introducing the product and organization

A successful campaign of ours must raise awareness, draw attention to the charity and get people involved. Generous influencers and personalities help us out with this by using their reach for good, spreading the word.


Giving back

We are proud to donate to every organization we partner with, so they can spend more time doing the thing they are best at, making an difference.

Our values

We respect our partners

We take pride in being fair who we work with. We keep this in mind when choosing manufacturers, suppliers and designers. We appreciate and reward their work.

We are sustainable

In a world plagued by overconsumption we know of no better way to do business than to make good, long lasting products, causing less harm to our environment.

We are attentive

We have decided to work with local suppliers instead of getting involved in dropshipping or having an overseas supplier, this way we can control the quality of our products much better. We also store, inspect, pack and mail all items from our warehouse.

We provide convenience

To ensure pleasant experience for our partners and customers we try to keep things simple, quick and easy.

Join us

Participate as an organization or as an influencer.

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